Gender Reveal Parties

I didn’t care if we had a gender reveal party or not but my mother in law was obsessed with planning one. As soon as she found out about the baby she started giving her ideas for a party.

We are fortunate enough to have both parents who are not only excited about there first grandchild but are willing to host different parties celebrating this baby.

Since we were scheduled for our anatomy ultrasound at the end of July it was perfect timing because my in laws have the perfect backyard with a pool for a summer party.

We had the party the day after the ultrasound by my husband and I decided to find out at the doctors office before the party cuz I just wanted a moment with him once we found out. I don’t know how people go 9 months without knowing the gender cuz I’m not that patient & i need to plan.

Even though I wasn’t into the planning of the party I wound up having a great time & I’m glad I was forced into doing it.

See below pictures of the party as well as the video of us revealing the gender to find out what the gender is.

It’s a girl! My first thought was we are in trouble and then I got excited to start picking out matching outfits for my daughter and I.

Did you gave a gender reveal party? Let me know in the comments.

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