Can we talk about Big Brother?

This is a completely unrelated post but since I don't have many people to talk about big brother to I figured I would write a post about it.

I never really knew much about the show and didn't have an interest in learning until my husband watched it last season and convinced me to watch with him. Now I'm hooked.

It's the best social experiment I've ever seen. Putting people with different personalities and backgrounds in a house to compete for 500,000 dollars is genius. They have no phones or technology and are forced to not only be strong in physical competition but also have a great social game.

This year isn't as good of a season as last year and I don't have a favorite house guest that I'm rooting for like I was able to do last year but it's still entertaining.

This year is pretty much the Paul show and although I rooted for him last season because he was the underdog and made it to the final 2 this year he's more like a dictator and it gets annoying. No one seems to have their own strategy to play the game and everyone just follows Paul's lead.

I want to figure out a way to watch past seasons because I heard they were so much better.

Also can we take a moment and obsess about how fabulous Julie Chen's dresses every Thursday?

Do you watch Big Brother? Let me know in the comments.


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