Sometimes you just need to vent

Sometimes you just need a work friend to vent to when you're frustrated with work related topics.

Even though we are a small office I do work very closely with one coworker in a daily basis. We have the same mindset and we work very well together.

Lately we have been the only two in the office and we've had time to sit and talk about non related work things and we realized we are very much alike outside the office as well.

We're planning a conference for the first time and things have been getting overwhelming to say the least. With just the 2 of us in the office she comes over to my desk and says "Rach I just need to vent right now."

While listening to her I realized we were frustrated at the same things and it felt good to know I'm not the only one. After we spoke we both walked away feeling better.

Sometimes you just need to vent it out with someone who understands. I have my friends outside of work that I can vent to but they will never get the whole picture cuz they aren't in the office.

We're both on the same wavelength as far as the chaos that's going on around us and it's nice to have someone to go through it with together that you actually like.

We've found that laughing our way through it has helped also. Sometimes a good laugh and vent session with a coworker you trust and work well with is all you need to calm you down.

Do you need vent sessions in your life? Let me know in the comments.


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