Keeping it simple

Having a conversation with someone I'm close to the other day made me realize that I'm growing.

When taking about how life was the person I was talking to said " all I want is my bills paid, being able to take a vacation as least once a year and having enough money in my savings to have a cushion in case of an emergency is what makes me happy."

I couldn't agree more. I don't need a huge house, 12 fancy cars and vacations all the time. I have a house my bills are paid, I'm financially able to afford one vacation a year, and I have a good amount in my savings. That's really all I can ask for.

When you take time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life you're not constantly striving for the next best thing. I used to just always want the better version of what I had. It was so mentally draining and made me resent a lot of things.

Simple can be better at times.

Are you someone that enjoys the simple things in life? Let me know in the comments.


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