Dressing myself is hard

I had a convo with a coworker the other day about clothes. Her daughter is 11 and she has a hard time finding clothes for her because she's in that awkward age. Too young for teenage clothes but too old for baby clothes.

I can relate to her daughter. I'm a 29 year old woman who is deff too old for juniors clothes but too young for women's. All the women's clothes I find are very old lady like and all ten juniors clothes look like a group of teenage girls threw up in there. Glitter, bright colors, short shorts, and deff not for me.

Then I start thinking what does it mean to feed your age? Am I overthinking it when I go shopping?

I should be able to go to a store find clothes I like, try them on and if I feel comfortable in it then get it.

Sounds simple enough but I always wind up spending hours looking through clothes only to go back and forth on a few pieces and finally get so frustrated I give up or only get one thing.

Is there a such thing as dressing your age? Let me know in the comments


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