I’ve been off lately

I've been so inconsistent with my blog posts lately it's crazy. Life comes at you quick sometimes and before I know it I'm like "shit I haven't written a blog post in a month"

Writing keeps me sane so whenever I'm not consistent with it I feel like my whole life is out of wack. It's also something I enjoy doing so I have to step my game up again.

Like everything else in life if you're not consistent it just doesn't work.

If I get on a workout routine for a good couple of months then fall off the wagon my body starts to feel bad and my mind gets unmotivated.

Once I start eating bad, I start feeling bad, then I start to not care about my looks and start dressing bad and the list goes on.

It's like a domino effect and consistency in every aspect in my life is a goal I hope to achieve one day.

Are you something that is consistent in there life? Let me know in the comments.


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