Staying away from the office drama

If I've learned anything in my many many different jobs I've had it's that staying out of office drama and politics is good for your health.

When you work with the same people all week for years it's not going to be all positive and great. Just like any kind of relationship you will have issues.

People will get mad and gossip. People will try to through someone else under the bus. I used to let all of that get to me. I was easily sucked into the craziness until I got this job.

I promised myself I wouldn't get involved in the nonsense. It's too mentally draining and not worth it.

Recently there's been a lot of whispers from other people in the office and I've been noticing it but keeping my mouth shut.

Offices could be like high school in a lot of ways and I hated high school but I also hated who I was in high school so I can't stoop to that level.

Silence is better and deff keeps me more sane.

Do you get sucked into the office drama? Let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Staying away from the office drama

  1. Good plan. I stay out of it as much as I can. I’ve seen more than once allegiances change and that person you thought was your ally is now allied with your nemesis. Better to just keep it to yourself.

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