Never underestimate the power of a bubble bath 

I’ve been feeling emotionally drained lately and I’m trying to get back into the right mindset but it’s hard. 

My husband is traveling this week so I have the house to myself and last night I thought of a wonderful idea while browsing Pinterest. 

Bubble bath, candles, wine and some music playing and it was perfect. 

I shut my mind off for a little bit and just relaxed. My body felt better, my mind felt better and when I got out I felt like a brand new woman. 

Sometimes you need to figure out a way to shut off your mind and ignore all the nonsense going on around you and just relax. 

I will be trying to get make time from now on do this because it’s so needed for my sanity. 

What do you do to relax and shut your mind off? Let me know in the comments 


3 thoughts on “Never underestimate the power of a bubble bath 

  1. I play video games to get my mind clear. My wife can tell how much stress I’m under by how much I play video games. When I go for weeks without playing, she knows things are alright in my world. When I’m on them non-stop after work? It’s a sign (and therapy for me).

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