Working on the wardrobe 

Since my day job has a business casual dress code policy and you are allowed to wear jeans with nice tops I find myself losing a sense a style and just going for the comfy jeans and top. 

Unless I have an event going on after work which requires me to actually dress like I put some kind of effort into my look. 

I’m going to start trying to dress like I have somewhere to go after work even if I don’t so I don’t fall into that comfortable zone of pretty much being basic in my sense of style. 

Summer is finally here and I have all these cute maxi dresses and rompers that just sit in my closet and go to waste. 

If I change my mindset and trick my mind into thinking that I have to be somewhere important after work maybe that will work. 

It’s worth a try. 

Are you someone that likes to dress up for work? Let me know in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “Working on the wardrobe 

  1. We have a business attire policy here at work, but I wear a jacket with it. I don’t have to, but it makes me feel more professional, and I do notice people treat me differently when I’m wearing it versus when I’m not. Plus, it just looks nice.


  2. I don’t. And I feel guilty about it. It’s just too hard to find fashionable clothes I’m comfortable in since I am quite big. My thighs are having a hard time walking properly so dresses won’t work. I always say I will start to be physically active again but it’s always just up to that. Never really got to doing it.

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    1. Im glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. I have been trying on my clothes recently and they keep getting tighter and tighter which is my body telling me I need to get back into shape. I’m the same as you I keep telling myself I’m going to get into a workout routine only to stop at the thought. I know once I get into a routine I’ll be fine it’s just starting it that’s the hard part. When shopping it takes me forever to find something I’m comfortable in but with a little bit of patience and luck I eventually find at least one piece.Thanks for the comment!


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