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I recently made the mistake of watching The Queen of the South TV show before I read the book. In my defense I didn’t know the show was based on a book or I would’ve read it first. 

Since I fell in love with the show and binge watched the first season on Netflix in 3 days, I went and bought the book right away. 

The book and the show are very different but both are very good. That doesn’t always happen though. 

Most of the time the book is always better than the movie or tv show. 

The best example I can give of this is Fifty Shades of Grey. After hearing all this hype about the books I went out and bought the first one only to realize I needed to get the next 2 books right away cuz the story was that good. 

When they announced a movie was going to come out I was a little hesitant. How were they going to show all of the things in the book? It’s way to graphic and it’s a world that not a lot of people know a lot about. 

After reading the books I did get a better sense of a different point of view and how that relationship could work. 

I got myself excited about the movie only to be disappointed when they announced a tall thin Irish guy was going to play Christian Grey. Nothing wrong with tall thin Irish men however I had a different picture in my head of how Christian looked.  Dakota Johnson was a good pick looks wise for Anastasia Steele but her acting didn’t match up to the character in the book. 

When I finally went to see the movie cuz you have to no matter how much you complain, I was so upset. It was a sugar coated version of the story and didn’t go into half as much detail as the book. I’m just glad I read the books first. 

I love to read and I always find the books to be better than the movies but I do enjoy seeing how the movie interprets the books.  Most of the time I’m disappointed.

I’m getting back into the reading again and am finishing up the Queen of the south. If anyone knows of any good books to read I would love to know.  It’s hard to find a book you can’t put down. 

Do you prefer the books over the movies? Let me know in the comments 


One thought on “Books> Movies 

  1. I think books are always better, but The Martian was a very well done adaptation of the book. There were some favorite parts missing, but in the movie’s defense, they wouldn’t have worked as well on the screen. It’s rare for a movie to be as good as a movie. Lord of the Rings Trilogy did a good job of getting close, while The Hobbit movies missed the mark entirely.


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