Controlling my crazy 

Why am I getting myself worked up about things I don’t care about? 

This was a question I asked myself the other day when I realized I was getting mad over things I can’t control. 

Little things like coworkers comments and how they were handling situations were getting to me and my attitude completely changed. 

I’m lucky enough to be far enough on the journey to becoming the boss of my life to recognize when I need to take a step back and re evaluate the situation. 

This isn’t my dream job and it’s certainly not the job I will be at for the rest of my working life. This isn’t a 20-30 year gig where I can grow and retire comfortably. 

All I can do is control how I do the job. I can’t control other people or there reactions. I come in I do my job, collect a paycheck and keep it moving. 

I’m not going to get involved in the office politics or the gossip. I’m not going to get mad if someone feels the need to try to make me look bad. 

My main goal now is to not get crazy when something happens that’s out of my control. I’m just happy I was able to recognize it because in the past that would never happen. 

Baby steps are better than no steps on this journey. 

Do you get yourself worked up over things you don’t care about? Let me know in the comments. 


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