Positive thinking room 

There’s always one room in the house that people don’t use. They put a couch, some furniture in the room and all it does it collect dust.

Back in the day “formal living rooms” were a thing but not in my house. Every room needs a purpose so before I can make renovations and create a more open floor plan my husband came up with a great idea for this room. 

We are calling it the positive thinking room. We have a couch in there and a little table and we’ll use this space to work on conquering our goals. We ordered some motivational quotes to put on the walls and there will be no negativity allowed.  The room has a nice big window so the natural light makes the room bright which is great for positive thinking. 

I’ve been writing in that room every day and he gets some of his work from home paperwork done there. I plan on having my nightly glass of wine or two in there and now I’m happy that the room is doing more than just collecting dust on furniture. 

It gives us a reason to sit in that room and we will make good use out of it now. 

Do you have a positive thinking room? Let me know in the comments. 


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