Not boss lady, just boss

I’ve been binge watching the new series on Netflix called Girl boss. I read the book and the tv series is just as relatable, funny, and inspiring. 

The story of Sophia the woman behind the girl boss brand helps empower young girls to follow their dreams and become a boss. I think that’s great. Reading the book inspired me in ways that I can’t even begin to tell you and made me feel better about not having it all figured out in my 20s. 

I’m a feminist and grew up in a household where my parents empowered my sister and I to be independent. There’s nothing I love more than seeing other women succeed. 

I just couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t want to be labeled as a girlboss. I just want to be a boss. There’s no term for men that are bosses. I never heard someone call a male boss, boss boy or man boss. What does my gender have to do with my ability to run my own business and make my own life choices? 

No matter you’re gender you should be empowered to never settle for a life that isn’t fulfilling and doesn’t make you happy. Male or female never settle and become the boss of your life. I hope this blog inspires not just women but men also to take the journey I’m on to become the boss of their life. 

When the day comes when I am a boss avoid characterizing me as a boss lady, girl boss, boss babe, boss woman and just refer to me as a boss. 

Do you think that we should refer to everyone as boss? Have you watched girlboss on Netflix yet? If not, do it cuz I really need someone to talk to about the series. Let me know in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “Not boss lady, just boss

  1. I think “Girlboss” is demeaning. My wife is a VP of a publicly traded company, and if someone referred to her as a “Girlboss,” I think she’d be offended. With that said, I also don’t refer to management as “Boss.” I prefer to call them managers or leaders. Managers are the people who push the importance of numbers and image over people, while leaders inspire and enable me to succeed which in turn allows the company to succeed. I hope to be a good leader, and I gravitate toward strong leaders.

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