Manners matter, but they shouldn’t be forced on you

I get a quarterly bonus based on my job performance at my day job.  It’s something that I didn’t expect to get but it does help and it is appreciated. 

Every time I get the bonus I make sure to thank my higher ups and let them know I appreciate it. 

The other day my boss sent an email to everyone about the upcoming bonus & explained it will be in our next check.  I didn’t see the email right away as I was on a conference call but I suddenly see a text from my manager that said this; 

“Make sure to thank him for your bonus. He’s a stickler about that.”

This rubbed me the wrong way for a couple of  reasons. 

  1. I always say thank you and I don’t need a reminder. I’m a grown woman that was raised by two parents who taught me manners. 
  2. Am I given this bonus because I worked hard and earned it? Or am I given this bonus to stroke someone’s ego? I work hard every quarter to reach my goals so I can get these bonuses. Bonuses aren’t guaranteed. Why am I forced to thank someone for something I worked for? 

Manners are important and thanking someone when they give you something is the right thing to do and I will always do it. However I shouldn’t be forced to say thank you. 

If I’m getting these bonuses because of my job performance I will always be appreciative of them and will continue to work hard to reach my goals but if I’m getting these bonuses to make someone feel better about themselves and stroke there ego, keep the money I’m good. 

I don’t know maybe I’m thinking too much into it but at the end of the day I will always have manners. Sometimes the best thing to do is kill them with kindness. 

Have you ever felt like you were forced to say thank you? Let me know in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Manners matter, but they shouldn’t be forced on you

  1. That would’ve rubbed me the wrong way too, but I think that’s just an aspect of working that we have to roll off our shoulders – people telling us what to do even though we were going to do it on our own!

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