You don’t find happiness, you create it 

If you’re looking for happiness in hopes that it will find you stop wasting your time. 

Happiness is a mindset and you decide if you want to think positive or negative. 

I used to think this journey of becoming the boss of my life required me to look for what makes me happy. 

I realized recently that no matter what’s going on in my life whether it’s good or bad I have the power to chose to be happy no matter what. 

Living with family for almost 3 years wasn’t my ideal situation. It’s nice to be able to save money and I’m grateful that I had this option but it can take a toll on your sanity. 

The bad days where I spent my time complaining should’ve just been days where I said to myself “ok this is not the greatest situation but I’m not going to let it effect my happiness or mindset.” 

Now that we are moving into our new house in a few weeks as long as everything goes smoothly (fingers crossed) I’m going into this new house with a new mindset. 

Nothing is going to be perfect and life will throw curveballs but I should always remain happy and grateful for all experiences. 

The bad times will teach me things and make me appreciate the good times but I should never scarfice my state of mind for any issues in life. 

Happiness is a choice not a destination. 

Do you think happiness is something you create? Let me know in the comments. 


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