Are you genuinely happy?

I think there’s a difference between being in a good mood and being genuinely happy. 

My photographer for my wedding said something to me that had me thinking. He said he’s photographed a lot of brides in the past and it’s been a while since he’s seen a bride that was so happy. 

It took me by surprise because if you are anything but happy on your wedding day you’re doing it wrong. After he said that I realized I really was happy. 

Why wouldn’t I be? I had my close friends and family around me to celebrate our love and to have a good time. 

In the past I’ve been in good moods but I never felt like that feeling of happiness like I did on my wedding day. One other time was when I got engaged but besides that I’m usually in a good mood.  

My goal is to build a life that I’m constantly feeling genuinely happy. Of course I can’t have good days every day and there will be times where I’m in a bad mood or have a bad day. I just want that feeling I had at my wedding about everything going on in my life. 

I’ll talk more about this when I start my periscope parties next month there’s so much more in depth I want to go with it. 

Have you ever felt genuinely happy? Let me know in the comments. 


One thought on “Are you genuinely happy?

  1. I think that the difference between being cheerful (having a good mood and being satisfied with the way your life is going) and being happy (for something, someone, an event, a shorter period of time) is something people confuse all the time. People who are unable to be cheerful tend to focus on happiness and feel dissatisfied because it’s impossible to feel happy all the time. When you know the difference, you become happier overall, and like your photographer noticed, outwardly more happy.

    I feel my life is in a great place right now, and I’m very happy. That makes me cheerful for the vast majority of the time I’m awake, and I believe it makes me generally a nicer person to others, a better worker, and a better partner to my wife. Knowing that I can’t be happy all the time allows me to be content, which also adds to my cheerfulness. It’s weird, but it snowballs once you realize that an entire day isn’t going to be 100% awesome. There will be times or moments of unpleasantness, but if you can see past that, life is great.

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