Creating opportunities from your passion.

There is nothing more refreshing to me than having a long convo with your best friend about life.  I don’t always get to see her since we live in different states but when we finally make time to talk on the phone the convo is at least an hour long.

After getting  all the gossip and small talk out of the way, we started talking about our passions.  She has a passion for style and fashion.  She has such a good eye for style it’s crazy.  I don’t have that talent so I rely on her to help me when I go shopping.  Most of the time I’ll put outfits together and try them on in the dressing room, take a pic and send it to her for her expertise.

When she was living in the northeast she always went to fashion week, which is definitely her happy place.  You can tell she lights up when she talks about anything that relates to style and I love that.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser

Life took her in a different direction and she is now living in the south where she’s working for a company that has nothing to do with what she loves and it kills me.  I envy people like her that know exactly what they are passionate about and love. Her problem is she never got to pursue her dreams and I hope one day she creates the opportunities she needs and I get to see her working her dream job. We are both on this journey of becoming the bosses of our lives and one day we will get there. 

If our dream jobs aren’t out there we need to create them. 

 Until then I’ll continue getting my fashion advice from her and enjoy watching her light up when helping me pick out my outfits. 


Do you know someone that is passionate about something but isn’t pursuing their dreams? Let me know in the comments. 



3 thoughts on “Creating opportunities from your passion.

  1. This is a wonderful post. When I graduated high school (back in mid-’70s) I wanted to go to college to study journalism, however, I received no encouragement from my parents nor money to pay for it. So for all of my years, I worked in mostly accounting positions because that’s the first full-time job I got. My passion has always been writing rather than the boring mundane work of accounting.

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    1. I enjoy writing over most jobs also and wish I would have pursued it earlier in my life but it’s never to late to try. Thanks for the comment!

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