Turning my anger into success 

As I continue this journey to becoming the boss of my life I’ve learned how to turn my anger into success. 

Every time I’m mad about something instead of complaining about it I do something to fix the problem. 

Life is going to through a bunch of shit at you at once and people are going to piss you off. Using that anger to motivate you to do better is a much more productive way to control your feelings. 

If someone criticizes me about anything I do what I have to do to prove them wrong. If there is an issue going on in this world that I don’t agree with or I’m pissed off about I come up with ways that I can help and improve the issues. 

Complaining about it without doing anything is so useless and it was a habit that I was in for a long time. 

You can either do something to control your anger or sit around and get mad without action. 

Are you someone that uses your anger as motivation? Let me know in the comments. 


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