Stress eating is real

With all that is going on in my life I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating a lot more and drinking a lot of wine. 

I was never really a stress eater until I got to my late 20s. Adult hood has its ups and downs and stuffing my face with cookies, candies and pretty much anything that is not good for you helped ease the stress. 

When my pants start becoming tighter and my shirts get smaller that’s when I know I’ve reached rock bottom. 

I have to find a healthier way to release my stress. Once I have my own house and all the chaos is over I’ll be able to get myself into a good workout routine and cook healthier meals for dinner. Plus the weather is going to be nicer soon and spring just makes me a happier person in general. 

Are you someone that eats when you’re stressed? Let me know in the comments. 


8 thoughts on “Stress eating is real

  1. YES I definitely eat my stress away. I envy the girls that do the opposite and don’t eat a thing for four days because they have this giant exam to write. GEEZE. Anyways yes I noticed it in mid twenties for sure.

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  2. Yup! Mid twenties and a stress eater 😞 and worse off I wear scrubs all day, so it took longer for me to realise how bad I had gotten 😣

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