pockets are a necessity 

Dear fashion designers and aspiring fashion designers,

For future reference making pants with pretend pockets in them is not ok and I really don’t see the point. 

I didn’t realize how much I depend on pockets until they were taken away. 

I depend on pockets to hold my phone or keys if I don’t feel like carrying my huge purse around. If I’m just running into a store to buy something quickly I don’t need my whole purse. Phone, keys and credit card go into my pocket and I’m in and out. 

For guys it must really be a necessity because you don’t have purses. You put your wallet, keys, phone, everything in there. 

I think it should be a requirement to make pockets in all pants. 

I even see now that some dresses have pockets in them. 

Pockets just make my life more convenient and whoever decided it was cute to put fake pockets in pants it’s not cute or smart. So please don’t do it. 

Either have pockets or don’t there can’t be an in between. 


A non fashionista that prefers comfort and convenience. 

Do you rely on pockets to hold your stuff? Let me know in the comments. 


One thought on “pockets are a necessity 

  1. Absolutely. Either my pocket or my hand. No purses, nap sacks, or man packs for me. It weighs me down, I hate anything that makes me feel like I have to lug it around, including my current body weight.


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