Don’t think just do

With every situation in my life I would always want to wait until I was ready. 

I’m not ready to try that new job or order something different at a restaurant. I was never ready to get married let the idea of children one day seemed so far away. 

One day I was having a convo with a family member about my future and the only response I had for not doing things I wanted to do was “I’m not ready for that.” 

She said to me “you’ll never be 100% ready to do anything in your life, don’t wait cuz you’ll never do it.” She was right.

I needed to stop overthinking and just do it. I stopped talking myself out of things with the “I’m not ready excuse” and my life changed. 

I don’t jump right into something without a little bit of planning or thinking but I don’t talk myself out of everything either. It’s a healthy balance. 

Like the brand Nike says “Just Do It.”

Are you someone that keeps telling yourself your not ready for something? Let me know in the comments. 


One thought on “Don’t think just do

  1. No, I tell myself I don’t feel like doing something when I really don’t or have to force myself to. My thing is, I wish I could do several things right now in life like day trading. But, you need money for that. Something I’m currently lacking. Day trading would open doors for me to pay off debt, go back to school, move out of state and a number of things. But, again you need money for that. It kills your motivation when you know you’ve been working hard yet you still can do the things you really want…

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