Nothing wrong with being crazy 

If there is anything I’ve learned about myself recently it’s that I can be a crazy person at times. I realized when I’m really passionate about something I get so energized and excited which leads to sleepless nights and craziness. 

It’s ok to get a little crazy when you’re excited and working on goals. It just means I’m genuinely happy and my soul is being fueled. 

People around me will look at me and laugh when I’m dancing and singing while I’m working on something but I don’t care. I’ll stay up all night, go to my day job, sleep for a couple of hours and do it all again. I forget to eat because I’m so focused. That’s when my fiancé has to force me to eat and stop for a little bit. 

It doesn’t last forever and eventually when my goal is completed I get back into my regular routine of eating right and sleeping. I rather be crazy than boring. 

Does being passionate about something make you crazy? Let me know in the comments. 


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