Wake up your soul 

Sometimes no matter how much sleep I get at night I’m still exhausted the next day. It’s not because I didn’t get enough sleep it’s because I’m unmotivated. 

My body isn’t tired, my soul is telling me that emotionally I’m drained. If I start falling into a routine of doing the same thing every day and dealing with the same issues everyday and I’m starting to get comfortable with that my soul gives me that little reminder that I’m not about that settling life by just shutting down. 

I start to feel like a robot where everyday I’m just going about this life that I don’t want to live and I’m not doing anything to change it so that’s when I start feeling tired. 

This is a great way to wake me up and get me focused again. That 9-5 m, routine life isn’t for me and my mind makes sure to push me back to reality when I start to feel comfortable in that space. 

It’s time to wake my soul up and get back to work. 

Do you ever feel tired even though your getting enough sleep? Is it your soul that’s tired? Let me know in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Wake up your soul 

  1. I know what you mean. All though my sleep patterns are all over the map, when I do get enough sleep I can still feel sluggish, almost unworthy of having physical energy. It’s weird. I know this happens when I do feel energetic but all I’ll do is maybe spend some time getting dressed and looking good then sit in front of the computer or television. Oh no! good post on getting the soul rerouted.

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