Do you for you 

I always had a need to change myself which is a great thing, but my problem was I was changing for everyone else. 

I changed everything about myself to try to please other people only to realize that no matter what everyone will have a comment about my life. 

When I started changing for myself that’s when I realized a real difference.  I started really growing and loving the person I was becoming. 

I was doing me for me and it felt good. Now I make decisions based on my happiness and I don’t change the way I am for anyone but me. 

I also realized that people liked the real me. They didn’t stop talking to me or change the way they thought about me. They saw a genuine person and I started making real connections with people. 

It’s an exciting life when you are able to be yourself and really live for you. 

Be you, do you, for you. It’s a lot of fun. 

Are you doing you for you? Let me know in the comments 


2 thoughts on “Do you for you 

  1. All throughout high school, I made changes to myself based on others. In a school of 2000 students, it was very difficult to tell, but it came to me as I was doing a public speaking event in my last year that it was time to reflect on the things I wanted. Although it took me a while to realize, I got there and I’m making the most out of my newfound options. I felt attune to this post and I really liked it! I hope you can come to check out some of my work!

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    1. I was the same way in high school always trying to be someone else so I was liked by everyone. The only problem was I was making everyone else happy but myself. Once you start living your life for you it’s a whole new world and it feels great. Thanks for the comment!

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