Overthinking is the devil 

Why does my mind go to the darkest place possible when I’m thinking about a situation where I don’t know what’s going on? 

I realized how bad it was a couple months ago when my cousin who moved across the country with his girlfriend was texting with me and the texts he was sending just didn’t sound like him. Knowing the history of his girlfriend something told me she was the one pretending to be him. 

I’ve know my cousin my entire life and we basically grew up together. He simply doesn’t text with emojis and lots of explanation points. It really started to bother me and my mind just went to this crazy situation. 

I started thinking what if she killed him and is pretending to be him so no one finds out. What if something happened to the both of them and this new person has his phone and is going to find out who I am and come and kill me? I either watch way to much Dateline and 20/20 or something is seriously wrong with me. 

My mind goes 0-100 real quick and I basically had to talk myself out of jumping on a plane to make sure he was ok. 

Eventually I talked to him on the phone and realized I was being a little too paranoid and should start working on calming the fuck down and not overreacting. 

Our minds can convince us of some crazy things if we let it. Controlling my crazy mind is a challenge but I’m working on it and I’ll get there. 

Are you someone that always thinks the worst? Let me know in the comments. 


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