Learning how to keep my mouth shut

There are times when I’m with someone and it takes all the power in me to not say exactly what I’m thinking. It’s good to be honest and give your opinion but it’s how you deliver that opinion that is my issue. 

I can come off as rude and I don’t even realize it until after I’ve said it. As I get older I’m learning how to filter my thoughts and just think before I speak. 

Most people don’t really want your raw honest opinion. They simply can’t handle that. They want your opinion but sugar coated. It’s a safer way to go when someone asks for your advice trust me. 

Tell them the truth but don’t be so hard on them about it. Everything that you think in your head doesn’t need to come out. 

I’m getting better at this and it does help with building relationships with people. 

Are you someone that has to resist making that rude or bitchy comment? Let me know in the comments. 


8 thoughts on “Learning how to keep my mouth shut

  1. In my personal life, I’m pretty good at sugar coating my opinions based at the audience. In my work life, I’ve started working with a supervisor who is close to my age and gets offended everytime I share my opinion. Either her ‘feelings are hurt’ by my tone of voice, or she takes issue with the fact that I ‘speak back to her’. As a result, she dismisses my thoughts, meets with me regularly to remind me that my behaviour is inappropriate, and makes her and me look bad in front of colleagues and superiors. I have lots of experience and lots of opinions, but I’m struggling to find a way to share them when appropriate in a ‘softer’ more ‘suggestion-based’ tone.

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    1. Sounds like your supervisor is on some kind of power trip. You should be able to be yourself without any consequences in the workplace. You should be able to state opinions and give ideas. If you’re not able to do that keep it moving and look for another company that will let you grow. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. I always ask myself: what do I gain by being right? What do I gain by making the other person know I’m right and they’re wrong? If there is nothing to gain (safety, correcting a financial mistake, etc), then I keep it to myself. If it’s a conversation that there is nothing to gain from, I allow people to be wrong. It keeps everyone happy. With all that said, if someone asks me for my opinion, I tell it like it is without sugar-coating. But they have to want my opinion or input.

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  4. I’m the person friends turn to when they want advice and I try to be honest without being brutal but sometimes I really have to resist the urge to scream at the top of my voice ‘For gods sake! Why does it matter, you don’t give a crap what I think anyway!’ hahahaha. I unfortunately don’t do well with confrontation so find myself swaying from the truth for an easy life! Sugar coating is just something we just get used to in life!

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    1. I’m the same with my friends they always come to me with advice. I’m like the mom of the group but sometimes I don’t want to be too brutal with the advice I give but I want to be real. Finding a healthy balance is something I’m working on

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