Real relationships aren’t perfect and perfect relationships aren’t real

If I’ve learned anything about being in my relationship for almost 10 years it’s been that there will be times where we fight. 

Fighting is something that you can’t avoid but it isn’t always a bad thing to do. I don’t want someone in my life that has the same opinions and just agrees with me on everything. There’s no fun in that and I wouldn’t be able to grow in that type of relationship. 

Every time we fight I learn more about us as well as myself. I’ve learned that I’m not always right and there are things we as a couple have to work on. 

The hard times make the good times better. When you can get through the struggles with someone it makes your relationship stronger. 

The other thing I don’t do when we are fighting is vent about it to someone. I do vent to my best friend every now and then when it gets to be too much to take on my own but I never let family members, coworkers or friends I’m close with but not close enough to want them in my business know that we are fighting. 

We fight behind closed doors and most of the time no one knows that we are in an argument. I don’t need other people’s opinions because that makes the fighting worse. We eventually figure it out and I don’t need other people thinking differently of us once we do kiss and make up.

We aren’t perfect and we deff aren’t trying to be. Every couple has issues and goes through things. It’s the ones that get through those issues together that last. 

Do you fight with your significant other? Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Real relationships aren’t perfect and perfect relationships aren’t real

  1. I feel bad for commenting so much here, but you post such high quality and thought-provoking material!

    While my wife and I have disagreements, we rarely fight. The one rule we follow is we never leave anything unresolved. We solve the issue and move on with at least some form of resolution. It may be a compromise or an admission that one of us was wrong, but we always make sure to have closure. Then, and this is equally important to us, the issue is dead and isn’t brought up again in the future. It’s an agreed-upon rule that past issues are in the past and not to be used in the future to re-hash old issues. It’s made our lives much nicer and allows us to communicate better knowing we are both working toward a solution.

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    1. Don’t feel bad I love the comments keep them coming! I like the way you and your wife have that rule it’s important to deal with it and move on no point of bringing up past issues.


  2. While I agree with your most and the two previous relationship I had we would fight it out. It cleared the air and making up was always so much fun! Hehe he.

    My husband however doesn’t like arguing so we don’t! It’s horrible sometimes as things just fester between us until one of us blows!

    I like to get things out in the open , quickly and then move on so I’ve spent 16 years having to learn to just walk away or usually watch my husband walk away!

    Good post! X

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    1. It’s good to fight it out so you can get over it, avoiding fights only makes it worse. I used to hate fighting and tried to avoid it as much as possible but it didn’t work out well at all. Thanks for the comment!

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