Practice what you preach 

I was always the type of person that my friends would run to about there problems. I never pryed into there business but for some reason they liked to vent to me. 

I guess it’s because I know how to stay calm in chaos or I was just a good listener who knows. When they would come to me I would try to give them the best advice I could think of. 

To my surprise I was really good at giving out advice but my problem was I wasn’t good at taking my own advice. It’s easier to tell someone else to do something than it is for you to actually do it.  I was a hypocrite and I had to stop doing that. 

Now I make sure to only give advice that I know I’ve done in the past. I’m practicing what I preach and it makes me more confident when someone asks for my opinion. 

If I feel like I can’t give the right advice because I’ve never been in that situation I say that. People like honesty rather than you tell them a bullshit story and then they take your advice and fail. 

Are you someone that practices what you preach? Let me know in the comments. 


12 thoughts on “Practice what you preach 

  1. I definitely try my best to. My blog is all about relationship advice, most of it I learned from past experiences. I try to always act upon what I preach – but sometimes it can be difficult and it’s sometimes easier to give advice! But my blogs actually help me at times, if I find myself stuck in a situation and not doing what I know I should be, I read my own advice. 🙂

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    1. Sometimes it hard to practice what you preach because you are too close to the situation to see it. I often see the need with others but often need to remind myself. I think its normal human behavior. I know I need to take my own advice.

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  2. I don’t believe I ever really did much of preaching. But my thinking towards the rights and wrongs of peoples behaviour, i never implemented myself. I didn’t even THINK to do so, somehow justifying before getting to the point of, ‘ maybe i should stop this way’. Now I am finally activaly following those engrained morals and it makes me feel way more wholesome and pure as a person!

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