Laugh at yourself

I love to laugh and it’s very easy to make me laugh. I remember when I was younger my sister always had this ability to make me laugh until I cried by doing and say crazy things. 

By the time I was in school my nick name was giggles and although I hated it at the time, looking back I could have been called worse. 

Life gets complicated sometimes and they best way to get through it is to laugh about it. You can’t yourself or life too seriously. 

You also can’t be a sensitive sally. Learn how to laugh at yourself especially when people are making fun of you. 

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a family function or a party with friends and people weren’t making comments about other people. It’s not to offend them it’s too laugh and joke around. 

I feel bad for the people that take everything seriously and walk around with a stick up there ass. That can’t be a happy or fun life. 

Life is short, losen up and have fun with it. Besides like drake says you only live once or YOLO. 

Are you able to laugh at yourself? Let me know in the comments. 


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