I’m creating my own opportunities 

Since I’ve been in the working world, the most important thing I’ve learned is no one is going to give you you’re dream job, you have to create it. 

My whole life I’ve been searching for my dream job and I realized it’s not out there. I have to go and create my dream job. Also, no one is going to just hand me that dream job I create, I have to work hard for it. 

In this economy people are settling for jobs they hate because they need to be able to provide for their families. But why can’t we work those day jobs temporarily while we create our own opportunities? Once we are able to make a living off of what we are truly passionate about leave those horrible jobs you hate. 

I’m currently at an office job that I work to pay my bills. The problem with my job is that my paycheck only pays part of my bills. I live paycheck to paycheck like most people now a days. I’m working hard everyday at a job I hate to only get a paycheck that covers part of my bills? 

I don’t get PTO, vacation days, or paid holidays. The office closes on the big holidays and I don’t get paid. 

I use all of that as motivation to make sure that I don’t settle and stay at a job like this for the next 30 years. I’ll put up with it while I’m creating opportunities for myself and then one day I’ll walk into that office and happily put in my 2 weeks notice. 

I will not wake up everyday hating my job and refuse to have my future children watch me struggle and live paycheck to paycheck all while being miserable. 

This is the only way I’m going to be able to one day be the boss of my career but I’m willing to do what I have to do until I can do what I want to. 
Are you creating your own opportunities? Let me know in the comments. 


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