A private life is a happy life 

In this new social media era it amazes me how many details of there life that people post online for everyone to see. 

As much as I find it entertaining, I would never want people to know all my issues.

 A couple of weeks ago I saw that someone I knew from high school was divorcing his wife because he caught her cheating on him. He put pictures that he found of her kissing another guy online and wrote in detail what happened. 

I know he was hurt and venting but does the whole world really need to know about that? What if they decided they were going to work through there issues and stay together? Now everyone knows what she did. 

Every time I have a fight with my fiancé no one knows about it. We fight behind closed doors and we work things out on our own. I don’t need other people’s opinions about our   relationship. I think that’s why we’ve lasted so long because we don’t air out our dirty laundry. 

If I have to vent about something I call my best friend who’s known me for years and knows I don’t need advice I just want her to listen and keep me from jumping over the ledge. 

I couldn’t imagine telling the world my business. I’m a happier person when my life is private and I don’t have to stress about what other people think. 

Do you know someone that puts every detail of there life online? Let me know in the comments. 


11 thoughts on “A private life is a happy life 

  1. Life between two people should be kept within doors as you do…

    No way our private life needs to be showed to the world…

    Even if there is a breakup we should keep it between both…

    Yes we can put on poems or words but never show the world the other

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  2. With the emergence of social media, it seems everyone “shares” their business. But it’s also a way to vent anonymously (like here on WP)…I would never share some of my stories to friends, but I feel comfortable telling them on WP. The man you spoke of was, of course, not trying to stay anonymous; he was hurt and trying to hurt other people to make himself feel better. I enjoy reading your posts. Happy holidays.

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    1. Same! I think if you are venting on a WP blog or anonymously it’s ok. Sometimes you want other people to learn from your mistakes. Posting in sites where you have close friends and family on isn’t the right platform to air out drama. Glad you like my posts and happy holidays!

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  3. I would never post anything negative about my wife or anyone I loved online, even if we were fighting or having a disagreement. I only post things that I’m proud of, that I want to share with others who would find it interesting or motivating, or because I hope they would learn from my mistakes. I did post when I didn’t clean my CPAP properly and got a very nasty infection that sent me to the hospital. I looked ridiculous and it was kind of scary, but I knew lots of people using CPAPs and I wanted them to learn from my mistake. I’m with you, though. Private stuff should stay private. Post pictures of your meals, dogs, cats, and selfies of yourself having fun. Leave the drama behind closed doors.

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  4. I’m very private about my relationships with my husband , friends etc. I obviously love to share news and family things but no dirty laundry! However a friend of mine found out her husband had kissed a girl while extremely drunk at a party. My friend is quiet and doesn’t really facebook, they were working through the issue until he posted this message for the whole world to see including their parents who nothing about it! My friend unfortunately didn’t see the message as heartfelt and she found it hard to move on and they spilt up! She felt he’d crossed the line! Not everything should be aired on social media! That’s what best friends are for! Great advice!

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    1. Your friend was right and I feel like he did cross the line. I agree with you that the best person to vent to is your close friends. Thanks for the comment!


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