5 emotional minutes

Everyday I take time in the day to be an emotional mess. I don’t spend too much time getting emotional but I have to let it out. 

I’ll either vent to someone I’m close with, cry or out, dance it out or drink. It all depends on the situation and my mood but it really does keep my mind from going insane.

I let it out and keep it moving. I can’t dwell on the negative but I do feel the need to acknowledge it. 

You can’t be perfect all the time and it’s ok to be a mess for a little bit. Just don’t stay in that negative space for too long. It’s not healthy and you’ll wind up not being the best version of yourself. 

5 emotional minutes than I got to go back to being the boss of my life.

Do you allow yourself to have a mini breakdown every now and then? Let me know in the comments. 


9 thoughts on “5 emotional minutes

  1. Allowing oneself a few minutes gives us extra recharge…. A pep talk with self, a little look in self and yes a few moments to vent, cry, hug self makes us get ready for the day….


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