Don’t take anyone’s shit 

I used to be a doormat. I would let people walk all over me and I wouldn’t stand up for myself.

After many years of pleasing everyone else and taking shit, I started this journey to become the boss of my life and everything changed. 

I stopped living for other people and started really focusing on my happiness. People weren’t happy with my new life choices but I learned how to put them in there place and make sure they knew that I was not going to be a doormat anymore.

I’m a lot more confident now and I simply don’t take anyone’s shit. It’s a much easier and happier way to live and I couldn’t imagine going back to living for other people. 

Do you take anyone else’s shit? Let me know in the comments 


13 thoughts on “Don’t take anyone’s shit 

  1. Not anymore and never will… I was just used by whoever I liked and respected as beautiful people.. They simply thought me to be a thing, use and throw…. But not anymore, never.. I realized that I am important and only one who can make himself love himself and I am the only one to whom I am responsible to

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