The older I get… 

When I was younger I always wanted to have a lot of friends. I needed to be in large groups and loved to be around people. I thought the more friends I had and the more people that liked me was some kind of success. 

As I got older all the friends I thought I would have forever were slowly moving on with their lives and we grew apart. 

Now I have one best friend who I tell everything to and a couple of good friends that I see from time to time but I don’t feel the need to tell them everything going on in my life and if I don’t see or talk to them in 6 months I’m not really effected by it. I also have my sister and we are working on building a better friendship as we get older and our lives are changing. 

My best friend is someone that I need to talk to at least once a week. She lives in another state so it’s hard for us to get together but we make sure to see each other at least twice a year. I’ll go visit her and she’ll come up and visit me. Without her I would probably be in a mental institution because she keeps me sane. 

All I need is a few good friends and one best friend and I’m ok with that. My wedding party is 2 girls. My sister is my maid of honor and my best friend is my bridesmaid and I love it that way. 

Quality over quantity is something I live by in all aspects of my life especially when it comes to my tribe. 

Are you someone that chooses quality over quantity in your life? Let me know in the comments 


2 thoughts on “The older I get… 

  1. I do. I don’t like having a bunch of people around me whom I have no real connections with. I choose my friends by the light I see inside. I only need a select few gems around me.

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  2. We are def on the same page with this! I wrote a whole post on keeping my inner circle/tribe exclusive, so i really agree! & if I had a wedding, it would be exactly the same! My sister and best friend lol. I prefer intimacy over shallow friends


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