The No Complaints Challenge

I was in a meeting recently and one of the speakers told an interesting story that really got me thinking. 

He’s run his own business for almost 20 years and when he first started the business he was really picky about everything and would pick out everything little thing that was wrong to his employees. One day the director of the place pulled him aside and explained to him that when he does that it makes people nervous and they don’t want to work around him. He didn’t even realize what he was doing. 

He read an article about a minister that gave out purple bracelets to his church members and challenged them to no complaint challenge. He asked them to go 21 straight days without complaining. You put the bracelet on your right wrist and at the end of the day if you complain you put it on the left wrist and start over. If you can go 21 days of doing anything it becomes a habit. 

The presenter tried the challenge and went 19 days without complaining only to freak out when his grandson made a mess in kitchen. This meant he had to start from day 1 again. 

He eventually completed the challenge and he became more aware of how to communicate with people. He recently realized he was going back into old habits so he put the bracelet back on. 

I think this is a genius idea and I am going to start the no complaint challenge today. Even though I don’t have a purple bracelet I do have plenty of hair ties that can go on my wrist. 21 days of no complaining starts now.

With 3 months until my wedding this is going to be even more difficult but I’m hoping it will prevent me from becoming a bridezilla and change the way I communicate. 

Feel free to start with me, let me know in the comments if you’re  doing it and we can do it together. 

Have you heard about this challenge? Is this something you want to do? Let me know in the comments .


7 thoughts on “The No Complaints Challenge

      1. The bracelet technique works start with it on your right wrist and keep it there until you complain. Starting this challenge made me realize how much I complain.

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      2. I complain alot like its ingrained in my dna. I don’t own any bracelets, not much of the bracelet type. I’ll use a rubber band. That should do the trick.

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