No explanations needed 

I used to be the type that would tell everyone every detail of my life. I think it was because I wanted there approval so bad that I couldn’t help but explain everything. 

Now that I’m on this journey to becoming the boss of my life I’ve learned the approval of my life I need is mine. Fuck everyone’s else’s opinions I live for me. 

When I stopped telling people things they took it as I was either hiding something or I didn’t care about them. This is obviously not the case so I had to explain that the only thing anyone needs to know about what I do or who I am is that I’m happy. As long as I’m genuinely happy who cares about the other details. Just let me do me. 

I’m not the person that’s going to explain my hour by hour day to you and I’m not the one that’s going to tell you my problems so you can just take them on as your own. I will however listen to you explain your day to day activities and won’t judge you for your decisions. But I expect the same treatment. 

Because It’s my life. That’s the only explanation you need. 

Are you someone that explains your life to people in detail? Let me know in the comments 


6 thoughts on “No explanations needed 

  1. As a parent, I can say that I love hearing about my kids’ lives. Even the minutiae. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy hearing my kids tell me about their day. Maybe it’s because it’s like a report card about how I did as a parent. They dealt with a challenge successfully? Yay me! They handled a difficult situation and came out on top? Awesome!

    As the child of a parent, I struggle with coming up with interesting things to talk about. At 49, my Mom has heard just about everything at one point, so when I am doing things I do often (fly my RC planes, play a show with my band, go shooting), I don’t tell her. Why? I already told her the last 100 times I did those things. Why would they be interesting to her now?

    I like your reason, though. I feel the same way: I don’t do what I do to impress anyone, nor do I seek their approval. I live a happier and more fulfilling life not seeking approval.

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  2. I used to do this and would take on the guilt/shame if they didn’t agree or approve of my decisions. When I realized that the only opinion that truly matters, mine, it was so freeing. I mean not to an extreme of just completely f everyone, you have to be accountable to someone and ask advice/opinions, let people
    into your life and heart. But when I stopped caring so much, I became that much happier and I think my relationships are stronger for it too.

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  3. Hey so I absolutely love this post and would like to add it to my ‘Freakin’ Fantastic Friday’ section of my blog. It’s just a category of things that I read this week that I find interesting. I would give you all the credit and encourage people to come follow your site, just let me know if that’s okay with you please. Have a great day!!

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