Own it 

When I was young and dumb I always thought everything I did was right. Even when I knew I was wrong I tried to convince the world I was right. 

Now that I’m older and a littler wiser I learned that the best thing to do when you make a mistake is own up to it. 

The best example I can think of was when I was working in a small office with only 2 other people and I was left in the office by myself for a week because the other 2 employees were at a conference. It was slow that week and I had a list of tasks to get done I just wasn’t motivated to do them and wound up only doing the minimum. 

When my manager got back she sat me down and asked what I did for the week and I explained what I did. She got mad because I didn’t finish my tasks and instead of owning up and saying I was unmotivated I got defensive. 

I left the company shortly after that when we both realized it wasn’t the right fit for both sides but now I think back and I should have just owned up to my mistake. 

There was no reason for me not to get everything done that week and she had a right to be angry. Instead of making excuses and getting defensive I should have owned up to it. 

It wouldn’t have worked out with that company anyway there were other issues but the good thing about that experience is that I learned something. 

In my new role at a different company I am confident enough now to admit when I’m wrong. If I drop the ball on something I am honest about it and my coworkers respect that. 

I’m human I’m going to make mistakes now I just know how to own it. 

Do you own up to your mistakes? Let me know in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Own it 

  1. I try to own up to my mistake as much as I can. This can be difficult because it is often a challenge to face ourselves truthfully. I know I’m learning and growing and will continue to learn and grow throughout the course of my life.


  2. I learned this at a young age in the Marines. I used to try to talk my way out of everything which always made matters worse. One day, I decided to just say, “You’re right. I screwed up, and I submit to any corrective action you have for me.” My boss was so dumbfounded with my honesty and candor that he told me to get the *expletive* out of his office and stay away. I literally got away with something by being honest and owning up to it. I’ve been that way ever since. It doesn’t always get me out of trouble, but it does work most of the time.


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