Go to hell, bad thoughts 

I get on a really good streak of thinking positive and getting my mind into a really good space, only to have my thoughts turn dark and negative. 

That’s when I need to tell my bad thoughts to go to hell. I don’t have time to worry about what if.  I need to focus on the positive and move forward. 

It’s not easy to get yourself out of the negative thinking but once you build the confidence to say “no, I’m better than this.” it becomes an automatic reaction to my mindset.

People are doubting me all the time I’m not about to become part of that list. I’ll let other people comment negatively about me and I’ll stick to the positive. 

Do you tell your bad thoughts to go to hell? Let me know in the comments. 


6 thoughts on “Go to hell, bad thoughts 

  1. It’s true, negative thinking will not solve anything , but it actually destroys one’s health and ability .

    Confidence will never come to someone who is negative . We must not create any room for bad thought because they will always award bad results

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  2. Totally agree! Negativity takes a toll on my health thus now I am trying to turn negative thoughts into positive ones..it’s hard but it’s possible. One of my favourite quote is ” Your attitude can turn problems into blessings”


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