I love you, I just don’t like you right now

I’ve been with my future husband for almost 10 years now. When I think about that it blows my mind but looking back at all the good and bad times we’ve had I wouldn’t change anything. 

We aren’t perfect and we have gone through some really tough situations. I feel like now a days as soon as a relationship gets tough people breakup or get divorced. I think we’ve made it this long because instead of giving up on each other when times got tough we got through it together. 

We love each other but there are times when I don’t like him. Recently we haven’t liked each other because we live with family and are cramped into a small one bedroom with 2 dogs and we drive each other insane. We both need our space and me time and we can’t have that right now so we fight. When we fight there really isn’t anywhere for us to go to separate ourselves so it’s hard. 

Once we have our own house (which I’m hoping will be the beginning of 2017) at least we can go in different rooms and not be on top of each other all the time. 

Even though we fight and there are times when I really don’t like him, I will always love him and that gets us through. 

Instead of running away from the problems and breaking up, learn how to get through the tough times because every relationship you’re in will have problems. 

You don’t have to like each other all the time but the love should overcome it. 

Are there times where you don’t like your parnter but will always love them? Let me know in the comments. 


6 thoughts on “I love you, I just don’t like you right now

  1. My frustration comes from not being able to communicate with her. Not being able to communicate with her leads to frustration. Its a deep frustration because I want so badly to understand what she needs and I want her to understand what I need. Our face to face communication needs major work but I’m willing.

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  2. My partner and I have similar personality traits in that we are both feisty and very stubborn which does not bode well in arguments and I know that in those arguments we both can’t stand each other. But I’m determined to find a way to work through it together rather than always clashing in arguments! Great post 🙂

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    1. We are the opposite of each other so it works out when we are fighting because one of us is always feisty and the other one stays calm. Thanks for the comment!

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