Sometimes I’m stupid and make bad decisions 

I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be. There are times when I think a decision is a good one only to find out the hard way that it’s not. 

I rush into things because I’m impatient, only to realize it was a stupid thing to do. 

I like to live by the phrase everything happens for a reason. I think what is meant to be will be but sometimes the reason for that idea or decision is because I’m stupid and made a bad decision.

I own up to my mistakes and make sure not to repeat them but I’d rather do something and regret it than not do it and keep asking myself what if? 

You live and you learn. 

Are you someone that makes bad decisions? Let me know in the comments. 


6 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m stupid and make bad decisions 

  1. As a Marine NCO, I was taught that it’s better to make a wrong decision immediately than to wait to analyze and make a decision later in combat. Waiting gets people killed. Making a decision, even if it’s not the best one, keeps you on your toes and keeps you moving forward. It may be harder going, but you’re moving and being active in the decision making process. Never regret decisions. They are in the past and behind you. Adjust, correct if necessary, and carry on.

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  2. I wouldn’t judge it as bad or call myself stupid. Its apart of my human experience something I choose before incarnating here on earth. Although I may not understand this in the heat of the moment, eventually, I grow from the situation or circumstance. You aren’t stupid don’t call yourself stupid.

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    1. Well said. Stupid is a harsh word but I like to think of it as calling myself out on my own bullshit. Sometimes I just need to put myself in check especially when I make bad decisions. I appreciate the bad decision making though because I always learn and grow. Thanks for the comment!


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