I’m an adult but not like a real adult. 

Being in my late 20s I know I’m an adult but I sure as hell don’t feel like one sometimes.

What is defined as an adult anyway? I get up every day and go to a office job that helps pay the bills, come home cook dinner take care of my dogs and work on my dream career until I’m too tired to think and fall asleep. 

Sometimes I have a cocktail or two after dinner and wake up the next day hungover but I still get up and go to that day job because the bills aren’t going to pay themselves and they don’t care that I have a hangover. That’s an adult right? 

I make sure my bills are paid and resist the urge to get that really cute handbag I saw on JustFab. I’m responsible but I always make sure I’m having fun and living life. 

I’ll go to a concert on a weekday and stay out until 2 am and sometimes  ill wake up and go to work like a champion, other times I’ll stay home. Just because your old doesn’t mean you should stop living your life to the fullest. 

Being an adult is frustrating, complicated and at times stressful but who said you had to grow up? Live your life and do you. No matter what your age is. 

Do you consider yourself an adult? Let me know in the comments. 


7 thoughts on “I’m an adult but not like a real adult. 

  1. I don’t know man… I consider myself me. I was an adult at 16 and stayed an adult until 26 so for 10 years with the exception of a three month period of not having a job, I was a slave to the working world. I think being an adult simply means your body has reached adult form, growth, hormones or whatever. The more I search for myself, the more I realize titles mean nothing. For all we know, an adult could be an alien or something. I’m living life on my own terms now not by anyone else’s opinions, ideas, or titles.

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