It’s a bad day not a bad life 

I can be a dramatic person. If I’m having a bad day my mind goes into that mindset of “today sucks which means tomorrow is going to suck and the rest of my life I’ll always have bad days” 

I hate that I do this and am working on learning how to calm the fuck down. 

Life isn’t perfect and all my days aren’t going to be rainbows and sunshine and that’s ok. 

What I can’t continue doing is letting a bad day effect my attitude and stop going back to that negative space in my head. 

Breathe, put my head down and get through the day. It’s just a bad 24 hours. Tomorrow won’t be as bad. It might be but you just have to stay positive. Just like everything else it will pass and I’ll get through it. 

How do you handle bad days? Let me know in the comments. 


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