Less bitching, more loving 

As the humans that we are, we do need to complain every once in a while. But when you do it as a lifestyle, that is when you need to change. 

I noticed that whenever something bad happens I’m quick to tell the world about it. Whenever something good happens I keep it to myself and some close friends. 

Even things as simple as a bad customer service experience. You go to a restaurant and the waiter is rude, the service is slow and the food is mediocre. The first reaction we have is to go online and write a bad review. But if we go to a restaurant and the waiter gives outstanding service, you get in and out in a timely manner, and the food is the best you’ve ever had. The first reaction is to do nothing but maybe tell some friends and family to go there. 

I have to stop glorifying the negative situations in my life and focus on the positive. Anything that happens to me that has a positive effect I need to start telling the world about. No one likes a negative Nellie and I need to stop being that. 

I’m going to bitch less, love more and see how that changes my outlook on life. 

Are you someone that focuses on the negative situations? Let me know in the comments. 


5 thoughts on “Less bitching, more loving 

    1. I really believe it has a lot to do with how we were raised. I was brought up to not be negative & pretty much got scolded for complaining (esp if I didn’t try to fix my situation). So now if I’m negative i actually feel guilty about it. So weird how much our upbringing can effect is even into adulthood !

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      1. Trying to fix situations,…. I learned to just go with the flow of things becuase everytime I try… well…. I’m not going to be negative. Thanks for sharing, I will try to have a positive day!

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