Learn Something Sunday Week 15 

How is it almost Thanksgiving already? I feel like we just started November. The end of the year is flying by and I still don’t know how I feel about it. 

Here’s what I learned this week; 

  • Joe Biden memes are my favorite thing right now on the internet. 
  • Don Julio on the rocks is delicious. You have to sip it slow like you would with scotch but it’s really good. 
  • When making a tomato sauce if you put red wine and a little bit of sugar in it, the sauce will have a sweeter taste. 
  • I’m really good at teen jeopardy. Not so good at adult jeopardy. 
  • Doug the pug has a book. My pugs need to step there game up. 
  • When planning any kind of big event in your life, make a list. 
  • Not all ideas are good ideas

What have you learned this week? Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Learn Something Sunday Week 15 

  1. I love the Sunday well spent quote! And your pugs not being authors yet lol. This week I’ve really learned a lot about blogging and social media in general! Every day I have to Google something about it ha :)) –jess

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