My style has no in between 

When it comes to getting dressed I either have a really nice work outfit with my hair and make up done or I’m in sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on. 

I go from one extreme to the next and I’m working on finding a happy medium. 

Sometimes I don’t want to be in professional looking clothes and I don’t want to look like I just walked out of the gym. 

Thanks to the clearance racks at Kohls and my Kohls cash, I’ve been buying a lot more jeans and casual tops. I needed outfits for when I’m not working but going out to dinner or to a party or if I’m just going to hang out at a friends house and want to be casual but cute. 

I’m trying to put some effort into my style and maybe one day be able to find a way to have a little sense of style. 

Do you have a hard time finding a happy medium when it comes to outfits? Let me know in the comments 


16 thoughts on “My style has no in between 

  1. I find as I’ve lost a large amount of weight, I am now dressing much nicer than I used to. When I was at my largest, I wore clothing that (I thought) hid my girth. Now, I wear stylish clothes that better shows off my physique. When I’m at work, it’s jackets and trousers. At home, it’s jeans and nice shirts. If I’m going out, I’ll wear what I wear to work. If I’m going to work in the garage or just sit in my office at home playing a video game, I’ll wear sweats and a t-shirt.

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  2. With me, it’s not so much of finding a happy medium. It’s more of finding the ends to purchase what I want to wear. I like what I like as we all do and know exactly what I want to wear. But not having a study income results in sweats, or gym shorts. I was planning to get me something nice for thanksgiving dinner maybe some nice boots and a button up shirt with some crisp jeans. If it’s cold enough, I’ll even throw on a sweater.

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    1. Never underestimate the clearance racks at kohls. My fiancé and I have gotten really nice sweaters and tops for 5 -10 dollars and jean for 12 dollars it’s the only way I shop now. It can be a hit or miss but it’s deff worth it when you’re on a budget.

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      1. I will look but the clearance rack never has my size in jeans. . . Could be because I need to lose weight but even when I was like 185lbs my size was never there. Popular size maybe.

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  3. Yes! I feel like I always dress like a homeless person or I’m that girl in a sports bra and work out clothes again. My BF has good style and I find him giving me pointers all the time. I thought that was suppose to be the other way around. 😉 I’m a real plain Jane so I have been trying hard to mix up my style and put more of an effort in.

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    1. Its so funny how often i ask myself literally the same thing “I thought that was supposed to be the other way around.” For example my bf taught me my current face care routine lol.. toner, astringent, the works

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    2. You’re lucky! I wish my fiancé would help me find clothes. He has no patience to shop with me let alone help me find outfits. I’m such a plain Jane and have been trying to mix it up also but it can be hard.

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    1. Why couldn’t I find this type of man when I was single? Lol I hate everything about the winter so I’m pretty much the same way wit layering up and keeping warm. Looking cute in the winter is pointless unless I’m going to a wedding or somewhere I’m required to actually look like a human being

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