Why can’t we agree to disagree anymore? 

This 2016 presidential election has taught me a lot. I learned that I need to educate myself more on the government and how it works because I’m really naive to the process and I want to be better prepared next time around. 

It’s been a crazy ride and although I’m very happy that it’s over,  I’ve noticed some people fighting with each other over the outcome of the election. 

I’ve also notice people being attacked for simply stating how they feel about any kind of social issue going on. 
Why can’t we respect each other’s opinions and keep it moving? 

Why are we getting into heated arguments with each other over a difference in opinion? 

We’re acting the way that Trump and Clinton acted during the debates. Instead of listening to each other and learning how to agree to disagree like adults and stating why we feel that way in a calm manner, I feel like I’m back in high school where the girls would attack each other over a guy they like. It’s getting out of hand. 

I have many friends and family members that have different beliefs when it comes to politics, religion, and other social issues. Not one time did there opinions change my relationship with them. 

I have my own opinions, they have there own opinions and we agree to disagree but we are never hateful towards one another. I’m not going to lie the conversation does get heated but we get over it. 

People always say they avoid conversations that involve politics and religion to avoid arguments and it shouldn’t be like that. We should be talking about these topics. We can learn a lot from each other if we just listen and state our opinions calmly to one another. It shouldn’t be something that is uncomfortable to talk about. 

I found this quote from Thomas Jefferson and it’s describes this perfectly; 

Adding onto that even if there are strangers on the internet posting there opinions my first reaction isn’t to attack them and say hateful things. 

We have to learn how to agree to disagree or we’re in trouble not only as a country but as human beings. Everyone has a right to an opinion, it doesn’t mean you have to like it but can we all respect each other? 

I started this blog is to inspire people to become the boss of their lives. Stop listening to other people’s opinions and make your own decisions. How are people supposed to do that if they get attacked every time they say how they feel? 

I don’t know the solution to this but I do know that as a society we’ve got to do better. 

Let’s all just respect each other and agree to disagree. Apparently that is easier said than done in today’s world. 

Do you know people that just can’t agree to disagree? Let me know in the comments. 


9 thoughts on “Why can’t we agree to disagree anymore? 

  1. I completely agree. This election has been eye opening with some of my friends, family, peers, fellow Americans… I honestly did not like either candidate. I was reluctant to vote for either, ultimately I voted for her. I’m not throwing a temper tantrum though. I would have felt disappointed with either outcome, honestly. But the way some people are reacting to the results, goes even deeper than agreeing to disagree… It speaks to their character as well. Debates between loved ones should happen, you learn a lot about the other person and you can grow from that, have a stronger bond. Like hey, we don’t agree on everything (and who really does?), but I like you as a person and our friendship is important to me. I feel like what is happening though, is people are putting others in either Box A or Box B, when in reality it’s not so black or white. I’ve had many conversations with people where we are actually in agreement more than not, but the other person is so blinded by one thing or another, they can’t see the grey area. It truly is disheartening. In reality, we probably all want the same thing and have love/respect for others. We don’t want to actually step back 100 years. I share your sentiment though. Now is the time to stick together, respect one another, educate ourselves more, find better candidates next time around. Rather than being hateful and pointing fingers, that doesn’t solve anything.

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    1. I couldn’t have said that better myself. This election really made people pick there poison and I hated that. I didn’t feel confident with either choice and that’s what the real problem was. I need to do a better job at learning more about politics so we can avoid this again. Being open minded and having a conversation with people that have different opinions than you is such a great learning experience. We just have to do better as a society on how we communicate with each other and learn how to agree to disagree. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. I would really like to share this post if you wouldn’t mind!! Well written, well stated. To be honest, watching all of my friends and family react to the election outcome on social media the way that they have is worse then the months leading up to the election!!! GROSS.

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  3. part of the insanity is that people feel “protected” by posting vitriol online. Sort of a “you can’t touch me here so I can say whatever I want”. Everything is taken so personally. An “attack” on their opinion is an attack upon them. It is sad that we can no longer debate anything at all. I think it all started to fall apart back during the Carter debates when the opposing candidate went into badmouthing Mr Carter instead of debating the issues. It became worse with each election cycle after that until we had zero debate of issues and just name calling and one upmanship this year. If it is “okay” for the candidates to diss each other then we the people can do it too. It sickens me.

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    1. I agree and feel the candidates need to to a better job at setting the right example and being better role models. They need to grow up and just start focusing on how to fix the problems instead of how much better they are than the other candidate. Then maybe people won’t feel the need to attack each other and start having intelligent conversations about the candidates. It’s drives me crazy also. Thanks for the comment!

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  4. I agree. I’d love to live in a world where we could agree to disagree. I wasn’t fond of either candidate, but some of my friends were passionate in their like of on or the other and it didn’t make me lose respect for them. The election is over and now we need to move on instead of worrying and living in fear.

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