Caffeine Queen

The other day my coworker told me that she never thought she would meet someone that drank more coffee than her and then she met me. 

I don’t know if that should be taken as a compliment or a bad thing. With that being said I have a serious addiction to coffee and I’m ok with that. 

I can’t even look at someone in the morning until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Don’t talk, walk, or look at me until I’ve finished my first cup in the morning. I have at least 3 cups a day but recently it’s been 5-6 cups a day.

I think I get this trait from my grandmother who told me that when she was raising her kids she would wait to give them bottles in the morning and take care of them because she needed her cup of coffee before anything. I’m deff going to be that kind of mom. 

Working a robot job during the day you need something to keep you from falling asleep or dieing of boredom so for me it’s coffee. It keeps me awake and focused to get through the day. At night I need to be focused on my passion and working toward my dream job so the solution once again is coffee. 

Do you have a coffee problem like me? Let me know in the comments. 


9 thoughts on “Caffeine Queen

  1. No Coffee Problem… I once worked at starbucks and drank soo much coffee and tea i ended up with a bladder infection becuase I wasnt drinking water.. Just sodas, coffee, and tea…. if was very painful.

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  2. I most certainly have a problem. lol. 3-6 cups a day. I just like it. Since I’ve gone Paleo, there isn’t much in the way of drinks I can enjoy. I’m learning to enjoy coffee black. I used to be a guy who like his sugar with coffee and cream. Those days are behind me, now.

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    1. I’m a black coffee drinker also and it’s much better that way. When I first started drinking coffee I put creamer and sugar in it then it was just creamer now just black coffee.


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