I read past my bedtime 

I always loved to read. Even when I was younger I preferred to get lost in a book rather than watch a TV show. 

My life got crazy for a while and I didn’t have time to read but I started taking time to sit and read again and now I’m back to the addiction. I didn’t realize how many great books are on IBooks and most of them are free. They hook you in with free book and then you get done reading and realize it’s a series and the other books cost money. Well played IBooks, well played.

Even the books that do cost money usually aren’t too pricey. Reading is a way for me to escape the real world and get lost in a journey of characters and plots and I love it. 

I read all different types of genres from mystery thrillers to romantic comedies but I don’t think I’ve found one yet that I can’t put down. 

Reading is therapeutic and no matter how busy my life gets I need to make sure I’m taking time out to relax and enjoy a good book. 

Do you like to read? What are some good books you’ve read recently? Let me know in the comments. 


One thought on “I read past my bedtime 

  1. I enjoy reading, although I’ve read nothing memorable as of late. This could be the result of simply reading recommendations from book sellers or reading random books that are free! I’ve enjoyed a chapter or two in some books but not enough to recommend any. ~Happy Reading~

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