It could always be worse

My fiancé hates when I say this because he thinks that once you say that it does get worse. I’m not as superstitious as he is and I believe that your situation could always be worse so be grateful for what you are going through now.

I’m learning how to be grateful for my life and that means the good and bad times. Their are people out there that have situations that are worse than my life. 

I have to get my mind into a state where I appreciate all the situations that I’m in and just learn to let everything happen. I learn a little from the good things that happen to me and I learn more from the bad things that happen to me. 

When I’m feeling that my life is hitting rock bottom I always have to remember it could always be worse. 

I’m alive, breathing and ready to take on this crazy thing called life. Bring it on! 

Are you someone that believes that things could always be worse? Let me know in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “It could always be worse

  1. I think that way when I see the struggles and pain in some else’s life. But it never to the point of a self fulfilling prophecy, it helps me to more grateful than anything else.

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