Learn Something Sunday Week 12

Another week gone by that I learned something new everyday and I’m not mad about it. Here’s what I learned this week;

  • If a keurig coffee maker says de scale on it and it sounds like it’s dying a slow death, bring it back to life by running vinegar through the machine twice and letting it sit for 2 hours. 
  • Having breakfast in the morning keeps you from being starving at 11 and will hold you over until a normal lunch time.
  • People are terrified of me when I don’t have coffee. 
  • Giving away a free item during a conference call makes people engage in the call. 
  • There is no end to my to do list for my wedding. I check on thing off and 500 more things get added. 5 more months and no more to do lists I got this. 
  • No matter how good you are to people or how nice of a gesture you do for them they will always have a comment. 
  • I’m a really good host when people come over my house. I can’t wait to have my own house so I can host fun parties. 

What have you learned this week? Let me know in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “Learn Something Sunday Week 12

  1. I learned about domestic violence, how to become a superior man, how to pay more attention of my future wife by understanding what she’s gone through. I learned that I can make money work hard for me and my family, instead of killing myself to earn it. I learned that I need to take a gentle approach when it comes to compromise, talking, listening, and any other forms of communication with my future wife. I also learned about a colon cleanse that I’m excited to get and begin. Let’s see, I’m learning to become a CPT and that I could read 10 pages a day to avoid trying to cram everything in all at once which usually results in me forgetting or being unable to understand what I’ve read. I also learned CPT’s should take a compassionate approach when it comes to working with their clients. I learned lots of other things too.

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